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Second Opinion Services

No-Obligation Second Opinion Financial Review

Just as it is important to seek a second opinion in health-related matters, it can be equally important to seek a second opinion on your family's financial health. We have found large gaps in new client's financial situations that if left unchecked, may cause serious problems down the road.

Isn't your family financial situation worth a second opinion?

Does your advisor explore the tax implications of their investment recommendations before they are implemented? Have you been surprised by a large balance due at tax time?

Are your portfolios tax efficient? Is your advisor taking advantage of tax diversification strategies to minimize your income taxes?

Is there a mismatch between expected risk tolerance and actual portfolio risk? Are you paying hidden fees?

Does your advisor accompany you to your attorney's appointments when structuring your documents to ensure that all your wishes have been addressed?

Does your advisor review your auto and homeowner policies to be sure you have adequate coverage to protect your hard-earned assets?

To schedule your complimentary personal review, contact Jennifer at 941-625-5811.