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Our Technology Tools

Manage The Big Picture With Our Technology Tools

Reaching financial independence is a goal that requires you to stay on track. We provide each client with print and digital services to help keep your financial picture in focus.

Organizational Services

We will help you organize your financial documents, including scanning them into your personal financial website. We’ll also provide you with an organized, customized set of documentation for all your accounts after we implement them. 

Click here to download our Budget Data Gathering Form.

Your Personal Financial Website

We partner with eMoney to provide a personal financial website that allows you to keep all your financial information in one place. The eMoney Client Portal includes:

  • Organizer – Connect all your accounts for a consolidated view of your financial picture
  • Vault – Safely store your most important financial documents, accessible 24/7
  • Budgeting – Set budgets to help you reach your savings goals
  • Track Spending – Know how much you’re spending, and where
  • Goals – See if you’re on target to reach your most important goals

Create a financial plan to achieve your goals!

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